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Informative and empowering healing support

Michelle is a Holistic Health Practitioner with more than 20 years of experience supporting clients. She is an international holistic health trainer and mentor. She offers in person and distance healing support for all and has a special expertise in reproductive health.

A holistic approach is one that understands that the body has an innate tendency to heal itself and return to balance. With intuitive and logical insight we can gain an understanding of what is needed to support all of the body systems in their return to wellness and balance. 




$55 for 30 min
$85 for 1 hour

Michelle is a Holy Fire III, Usui Karuna Reiki Master Teacher. Clients have found Reiki to be beneficial for anxiety, depression, stress, insomnia, traumas, inherited traumas, infertility, breech babies, morning sickness, nausea, mother wounds, acute or chronic pain, entity extractions and more.

3 Reiki session styles to choose from. 

Pure Reiki: full time dedicated to Reiki flow - may set an intention for your session or let Reiki be guided by it's own wisdom.

Emotional Support: Confidential space holding followed by Reiki healing.

Manifestation Session: Clear blocks and limiting beliefs and use Reiki to more easily manifest and get in the flow. Bring a small pocket sized item to your session. (something from nature, a crystal, piece of jewellery, etc.)


$55 for 30 min
$85 for 1 hour

Reflexology is a focused pressure technique on the feet. Clients have appreciated the benefits of reflexology for acute or chronic pain, immune system support, improved circulation, diabetes, insomnia, relaxation and the removal of stress, hormonal balance, infertility and more.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

$225 for first session - 4-5 hours
$150 for follow up sessions - 2.5 hours

QHHT allows people to access a part of themselves that holds all of the answers. Some people call this the higher self, the over soul or the super conscious. With QHHT clients are able to have a much clearer understanding of why things are the way they are and to ultimately create change within themselves. Learn more and book a session

Tarot Reading

$45 mini reading - 1 question/situation with writeup
$75 3 month reading

Gain insight from a Certified Tarot Reader. Explore any area of life from career, relationships, and more. Tarot can help us gain clarity and understanding of our past, present and future.

Holistic Doula Support

$200 2 prenatal visits - up to 2 hours each
$500 prepare for birth and postpartum - 6, 2 hour prenatal/postpartum visits
$75 in home breastfeeding support

"Doula training" for you and your partner. Learn about the stages of labour, comfort measures, relaxation techniques and how to navigate interventions commonly offered during birth for an empowered and connected birth experience. With more than 15 years of experience offering childbirth support at home and hospital, Michelle can help your family prepare for birth with custom support offered in your home.

Breech Session

$125 for 90 mins

Reiki, moxibustion, belly sifting, gentle inversions and other positioning techniques that safely promote balance in the body and mind for optimal position of the baby. Ideal around 36 weeks gestation but can be done any time.

Caitlin Garden,

two time doula client

"I am so happy that Michelle was there to support the three of us through this exciting and stressful time. I am so blessed to have had her as a part of our lives.  She is the kindest and most compassionate person I have ever met and I love being around her."

Samm Webster,

loss, fertility and birth client

"After months of trying and two miscarriages, I was looking for something, anything to help us have a baby. Michelle was so kind and gentle with my fragile state, but she was firm and confident in the things I needed to do to help me turn things around."

Michelle Lake, fertility and birth client and student

"I first came to Michelle as a woman diagnosed with endometriosis and then found out I also had PCOS. I was scared, hurt, and frustrated. I felt so let down by my body. She taught to me to trust it, to trust me. She gave me hope again."


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