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Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique in Belleville

During an initial QHHT session clients will first get to know their practitioner during an extensive conversation about the current life, relationships, challenges and interests. This is an important part of the process that allows for a more rewarding hypnosis session. The latter part of the initial session is approximately 2 hours of deep trance hypnosis where clients will relax more than they have ever relaxed into a theta brainwave state. This is a natural state that we all experience every day just as we are waking up and just before we fall asleep. It is in this state that we can explore our deeper memories beyond this lifetime and access information beyond what our conscious mind can grasp. Because many clients remember little to none of this part of their session we always audio record the regression and question period so client's can later access the information they received. 

Most people feel that they've had a wonderful deep sleep nap and are surprised to hear what they had to say while they were deeply relaxed.

Your superconscious mind is always in control of what it chooses for you to see and experience and it is always for your highest good. It will only provide you with answers and information for your benefit. It is always and enjoyable experience and profound healing has occurred as a result of this technique. 

Followup sessions can give clients the opportunity to revisit the same life, other lifetimes, or a specific time period or specific life related to a specific issue. The initial interview is much shorter and client's often go deeper, faster as they have already experienced hypnosis and are less hesitant about the process.

Sample questions for your QHHT session

Please bring a list of questions to your QHHT session. We will review your questions and potentially add more questions or revise some questions before your hypnosis session. There are no limits to what you can ask! Your superconscious has access to unlimited information from the archives and collective conscious. Below are some common sample question. You can use these for inspiration as you create your own list.

  • What is my life's purpose?

  • What should I study next?

  • Am I on the right path?

  • How can I be of service in the world?

  • What can I do to resolve conflict with ___?

  • How can I resolve ___ issue?

  • What am I here to learn in this life?

  • Am I learning what I am supposed to learn in this life?

  • What aspect of me needs healing next?

  • How can I further develop my intuition?

  • How do you send me signs or communication and do I see/listen?

  • How can I stop doing ___?

  • How can I start doing ___?

  • What can I do to be healthier?

  • Why do I have (health issue) and what can I do about it?

  • How can I heal my relationship with ___?

  • Why did my child choose me?

  • Why did I choose my child?

  • Have I lived other lifetimes with ___?

  • How can I best support (spouse, child, friend etc.)?

  • Is ___ my soulmate?

  • Where should I move to?

  • Should I change careers?

  • How can I have more abundance?

  • What can be done about (problem in the world)?

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