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Reflexology Session

A focussed pressure technique on the feet that significantly reduces stress, improves circulation, supports hormonal balance, improves sleep, and promotes healing by supporting the whole body. Clients who receive regular reflexology have reported that their reproductive conditions heal, cycles become regular and aches and pains are relieved. Reflexology is beneficial for all people whether trying to conceive, in need of reproductive healing, pregnant, postpartum, suffering from other physical ailments or for prevention and health promotion.  

In home postpartum reflexology sessions available in Belleville area upon request. Makes a wonderful gift.

Energy Healing Session

Reiki may be combined with guided visualization and other energy healing techniques for your specific needs. Gain a deeper understanding of your current condition and what is needed for healing. Sessions are deeply relaxing and clients often leave feeling significantly lighter, more optimistic and connected to their path. 

Sessions offered in person near Belleville, Ontario, Canada or distance healing sessions by request. 

Energy healing sessions are beneficial for all people. If you have unexplained infertility, secondary infertility, a breech baby, a reproductive health condition, depression, anxiety, grief or birth trauma, energy healing is beneficial and compliments all other modalities and treatments.

Holistic Reproductive Healing Support

After a thorough consultation you will receive a personalized detailed holistic reproductive healing support plan including information about nutrition, lifestyle and healing practices that are specifically healing for you. Learn about your current condition and how to be empowered in your reproductive healing. Coaching session is available in person or online in a confidential online meeting room.

Goddess Session

Receive a full reflexology session, healing castor oil pack on womb or liver, healing herbal tea, full energy healing session and V steam herbs or bath herbs to take home. Nurture your womb, endocrine system and whole body including your light body.

3 Month Holistic Reproductive Healing Intensive

During the first month of holistic healing support clients receive the full initial consultation and individual holistic fertility healing plan followed by weekly reflexology + Reiki combo sessions with healing castor oil packs for womb or liver and healing herbal tea (allow up to two hours for each visit for in person sessions. Distance clients will receive distance energy healing, herbs and castor oil, but not reflexology.) During month two and three clients will continue to receive weekly reflexology or energy healing sessions with castor oil, tea and herbs as needed with additional holistic fertility healing support and ongoing emotional support and holistic fertility coaching. 

This option is best for clients who are highly motivated to find healing. Whether trying to conceive or dealing with painful, heavy, irregular cycles, fibroids, cysts or health conditions affecting the endocrine or reproductive systems. Sessions can continue to be very beneficial for mother and baby if pregnancy occurs during the three month period.

Birth preparation, birth support and postpartum

Local support offered in Belleville, Kingston, Cobourg and surrounding areas. Request a free consultation to discuss your birth wishes, fears and to learn more about holistic birth support. Birth support is offered at home and at hospitals in Belleville, Kingston and Cobourg. I have travelled to Peterborough, Markham and Toronto upon request. Backup doula included but has not previously been needed. 

Clients receive two in home birth preparation sessions, one prenatal reflexology or energy healing session (optional), on call support 24/7 from 38 weeks gestation until time of birth (negotiable as needed), continuous birth support including emotional support, information and advocacy support, maternity reflexology and Reiki as desired, partner support, physical comfort measures and infant feeding support. Whether you are having a home waterbirth, a natural hospital birth or a medical hospital birth, your family can benefit from the personal connection, knowledge and skills of a doula, reflexologist and energy healing practitioner at birth during all stages of labour and the immediate postpartum. 

Receive an in hospital or in home postpartum visit and reflexology session to help promote healing, for emotional support, infant feeding help, to discuss your birth and help your family during this vital time. 


Additional in home sessions can be booked as needed. A Holistic Reproductive Practitioner/Doula works with midwives, nurses, doctors and obstetricians but does not replace them. Support offered is complimentary and non-clinical.

Intuitive Tarot Reading

A combination of intellect and wisdom help us navigate our journey's with the greatest ease. Contact me with up to 3 questions or you can request a 3 month reading. I may reword your questions and send them back to you to help you receive the best insights and information. You will receive a digital invoice for payment. Your reading will be sent to you within 2 business days after payment is received. Insight received should never replace advice from a medical doctor. One followup email to gain a deeper understanding is included. Readings are for your reflection, insight or entertainment and I cannot be held liable for decisions you make based on information received.

Supporting you through the hard stuff

If life were fair, every pregnancy would bring a healthy baby into the world and every birth would be beautiful and empowering. But the reality is, life isn't fair. As a healer, most of my work is helping people navigate their most transformational experiences. 

I specialize in offering healing support after traumatic births, difficult or complicated pregnancies and during or after loss. 

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