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Returning to Births: An update on my doula services in Belleville, Ontario

doula at belleville general hospital

I've recently made some changes to the way I offer doula services. If you're looking for prenatal, postpartum or birth doula support in Belleville or surrounding areas (Peterborough, Cobourg, Kingston etc.) you can consider this information and reach out to inquire about the month around your due date or to book a free consultation to discuss options and connect.

First, some doula history

I've been attending home births and hospital births between Kingston, Ontario and Toronto, Ontario since 2008 and have offered fertility and maternity reflexology and Reiki sessions even longer. Additionally I balance my local practice supporting fertility, pregnancy, postpartum and other clients who deal with pain, depression, anxiety, trauma and more with my work as a reflexology, Reiki and doula trainer to students all over North America and beyond.

With experience I've learned how to balance my work and family life fairly well. As a holistic health practitioner, I understand the importance of balance and real self-care and it's important to me that I practice what I preach.

For a time, this meant taking a pause from attending births. While it was difficult to say no to repeat clients and others who envisioned receiving my support during their births, it was necessary for me to preserve my physical, emotional and mental well being.

Birth work is a significant piece of my purpose in this life. I am more passionate and knowledgeable about birth than most other things. But birth work takes a toll, especially as I age. Sleep disruption is more challenging. I require more self care, especially after longer or more complicated births. Being on call also impacts my ability to travel and teach.

I do love birth. I know that I have a wealth of knowledge and experience that I love sharing with others. I love the connection I have with clients as they prepare for and navigate their birth and postpartum experiences.

An update on doula services in Belleville, Ontario

While I have continued to offer birth preparation support, post birth healing support, breastfeeding support and more during my pause from attending births, I will be returning to attending a limited number of births dependent on availability. Please inquire about your birth month.

Birth preparation only

In home prenatal sessions with your primary support person or partner. Learn what you can expect, discuss benefits, risks and informed consent for interventions, practice comfort measures, learn about the ideal birth environment and how to support physiological birth to reduce the need for interventions, release fears and open dialogue about birth preferences. Think of this as custom doula training for you and your partner.

Cost: 5 in home 1.5 - 2 hour prenatal sessions $500 - Belleville, Ontario and surrounding areas

Add $25 for each 30 mins of travel for clients in Kingston, Peterborough and Cobourg areas

Birth preparation, postpartum and healing package

Includes 5 in home prenatal visits as described above + 4 in clinic reflexology/Reiki/hypnosis combo sessions, 3 in home postpartum visits which can include reflexology, breastfeeding support, birth processing and information about infant care, postpartum healing and more + 4 postpartum in clinic reflexology sessions (you can bring your baby!).

Total package cost: $1445

Birth preparation, on call, birth and postpartum support

Includes 3 in home prenatal visits, 4 in clinic prenatal reflexology/Reiki/hypnosis sessions, 24/7 on call support starting at 38 weeks gestation (or earlier for twins) until birth, back up doula, at home/hospital birth support with relief doula after 12 hours if needed and 2 in home postpartum visits for breastfeeding support, reflexology, birth processing, infant care and healing support.

Total doula package cost: $3900

Add $250 for births in Peterborough, Kingston, Cobourg, Whitby, Oshawa areas.

Hypnosis for birth

Hypnosis is a powerful way to prepare for childbirth. Hypnosis sessions are our opportunity to practice experiencing the brainwave states that help facilitate physiological birth. We can use light or deep trance states to do healing work that can affect our births whether it's from previous traumas or negative beliefs or perspectives about birth or your ability to give birth. Release fears, create new visions and beliefs about childbirth and experience the healing that happens while in a deeply relaxed state for a healthier and more enjoyable pregnancy experience.

Cost: $85 for hypnosis sessions in clinic in Belleville, Ontario.

Zoom sessions are also available.

Free doula consultation

I love talking about birth. I'd love to connect with you to answer your questions and help you better understand how I can help you during this major life transition. Don't forget to include your due date when you inquire. You can reach out by phone or email.

Michelle Stroud

(613) 242-6780

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