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Natural and holistic infertility support in Belleville, Ontario

Michelle Stroud reflexology in Belleville

Whether you have a diagnosis like endometriosis, fibroids or PCOS but especially if you have unexplained infertility, the holistic modalities I offer can have many benefits including increased chance of getting pregnant.

I've had many clients over the years who believe that the holistic support they received was the reason they finally got pregnant. It certainly helps to provide relief from the stress, depression and anxiety that comes along with infertility for a more positive and supported conception journey.

Reflexology for Infertility

I offer a firm pressure reflexology technique on the feet (I also offer hand reflexology by request). There are points on your feet for every part, gland and organ in your body. This includes all of the endocrine glands (they produce hormones), your uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes and more. During a full reflexology session I work on all of the points on the feet and give extra time and pressure to points that are out of balance as indicated by tenderness, 'crunchiness' or tension. This can tell us a lot about what areas of your body are out of balance. Regardless of what is going on inside your body, reflexology encourages your body's natural healing tendency by inducing the healing state known as a parasympathetic state (the opposite of fight or flight).

Reflexology promotes natural detoxification of the body and you'll experience that as increased urination, bowel movements, perspiration and even a metallic taste in your mouth. Circulation improves, hormones become more balanced, digestion and absorption of nutrients improve and sleep can become deeper and more beneficial.

My clients who have had the most success with reflexology for reproductive conditions or unexplained infertility have enjoyed weekly reflexology sessions. They notice their cycles become more regular, menstrual symptoms such as cramps, clotting or bleeding irregularities improve and they feel more balanced, relaxed and optimistic. For this reason I offer an option to prepay for 4 sessions at a 15% discount.

Reiki for infertility

The body-mind connection is now well accepted. Most people understand that their thinking, beliefs and past experiences affects the physical body. A holistic approach to health is one that supports the physical body, the mind and emotions. I see my clients as individuals who have a story. Past experiences including past lives or the stories of our ancestors can and do manifest in the physical body and can also create blocks and limiting beliefs that can block pregnancy.

Every thought, belief, fear or past trauma leaves an energetic imprint. There are many ways to affect the energy body in positive ways which affects not only how we feel, but also our physical symptoms and experiences.

Reiki can be used to clear and heal energy imprints, balance the chakras (energy funnels of exchange between you and the outside environment), and it is very beneficial for people experiencing heavy emotions like depression. Clients always report leaving Reiki sessions feeling lighter, deeply relaxed and much more optimistic.

The deep relaxation experienced in a Reiki session is the body's natural healing state.

Reiki can be used as desired for past birth trauma (secondary infertility), mother wounds, blocked feminine energy (manifests as PCOS), baby spirit connection and more. Many of my clients enjoy reflexology and Reiki combo sessions for added healing benefit.

Hypnosis for Infertility

Your subconscious mind controls 95% of your experience. Your fears, habits, addictions, behaviours and beliefs come from deep within your subconscious. Most of your subconscious programming comes from your childhood when you spent most of your time in slower brainwave states or it comes from experiences with significant emotional impact.

Hypnosis uses natural brainwave states that you already experience every day with intention. We can use hypnosis to create new patterns and behaviours around nutrition and exercise, for inner child healing, to connect with feminine energy, to release fears, blocks or limiting beliefs or even to access past life memories of experiences that are still affecting your current life.

Your mind is powerful. Your subconscious thoughts are already affecting your body systems, hormones and condition of health. Hypnosis is a powerful tool to create a new experience while also enjoying the benefit of increased relaxation and decrease of stress and tension.

Working with Michelle

You may not know what you need, only that you need something. It's normal for us to make a plan together during your first session. If you're not sure which modality you need, start with a fertility reflexology session. I always do a thorough intake with all of my new clients and I have many years of experience helping clients on all kinds of fertility journeys and can help you better understand what you might benefit from most.

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