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We have amazing resources in the Quinte area for pregnancy and postpartum. These are some of my favourite but there may be others that are of value to you. If you’re needing something specific or if you’re not sure what you need, please talk to me and I will be happy to connect you with anyone or anything that can benefit you. I have personal experience using the services of almost everyone on this list. I choose to refer you to professionals with whom I really trust. If I have not used someone on this list, I have developed a relationship with them, my previous clients have had great success with them and I have come to value their knowledge and experience. 

Chiropractic care


If you are a runner, gymnast, dancer, horseback rider or if you have a history of any of these, I highly recommend a visit to either of the chiropractors below. While we have many amazing chiropractors in our area, these few specialize in your care specifically. I have seen chiropractic help significantly improve birth outcomes. If you have had a previous cesarean for a labour progress issue or if you have a history of long and difficult labours, or if you just wish to be proactive and potentially avoid these kinds of challenges, maternity specific chiropractic care can make all of the difference. I trust these chiropractors to give you their honest professional opinion about how prepared your body is for birth. Your lower spine and pelvis are made of numerous parts that are designed to flex and move. Certain injuries, activities or exercises can prohibit this movement over time making birth potentially more challenging.

Forever Young Chiropractic
Dr. Jason Young and Dr. Rebecca Young

(613) 966-5855



Dr. Andrea Sorichetti

(613) 966-9500

Massage therapy


Seeing a massage therapist who specializes in maternity care during pregnancy makes a big difference in the benefit from your session and your comfort. Having the proper equipment and training to bolster your changing body and being sensitive to your specific needs is important. Barb is also a doula and placenta encapsulation specialist. Barb works with a team of therapists so it might be necessary to confirm that you want Barb specifically and that Michelle referred you.

Sarah Johnston Wellness



Birth Photography

This can seem like a huge expense for some, but you may decide that this is priority for you. Professional birth photography isn’t always a priority, but for some, birth is a ceremonious event that they look forward to and will cherish looking back on. Choosing your birth photographer is about more than just the pictures though. Having additional people in the room, feeling observed, chatting, these things can hinder labour progress. A good birth photographer is one who makes themselves invisible while always being able to place themselves where they need to be to capture your special moments, like your expression just after you’ve met your baby, the intimate moments of you being supported by your partner, etc. If birth photography is important to you, I recommend Jenn Munro for the reasons stated above. If you have another photographer in mind, I may not have worked with them previously. You can ask them for referrals and ask other families about the photographer’s presence at their birth, how long it took to receive their pictures and if there were any additional costs.

Jenn Munro Photography

(613) 920-0959



Getting your vitamins and minerals from locally grown plants is an amazing way to nourish you and your baby during pregnancy, to support your body’s changing needs, as remedies for anemia, morning sickness, digestive issues and more. Tamara from Hawthorn Herbals has a farm where she grows a wide variety of herbs, she teaches workshops and does individual consults. 


Hawthorn Herbals
Prince Edward County
Tamara Segal RH

(613) 476-1830



Pregnancy, birth and new parenthood can bring all kinds of challenges to the surface. This is a huge transformation in your life and it’s normal for families to experience significant change through this process. I am a big fan of counselling with the right professional. 


Krystle Humprey






Tracey Kennedy
(613) 921-1970

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